Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Angela's 30th Birthday Party!
(only 2 months left)

That's right, I am turning 30 on May 31st. I know that I have mentioned that my birthday party is coming up to some of you. It will be held on Sunday, May 28th. Many of you have Monday, May 29th off for Memorial Day. We scheduled the party so that if you travel, you can take advantage of the Monday travel day.

Featuring: A Known Location
Now we even know where the party will be held. It will happen in the exciting land of Rancho Bernardo, CA. Come join us. We hope to have lots of floor space in our apartment for guests, but we will also post information about local, cheap hotels if you want to avoid the youth hostel atmosphere.

Exciting Destination: Southern California
Did you need an excuse to visit Southern California? This is it! You can join us earlier in the weekend, visiting such exciting places as the San Diego Zoo, the beach, and Temecula (wine area). Plus, since we will have had a month to explore the area already, we will be able to reccomend other exciting activities.

Birthday Party Activities
We will be grilling! Lots of eating and hanging out with friends. Things will get started in the early afternoon and continue to evening. Feel free to join us for lunch and/or dinner. We will have enough food to last all day!

Can you make it?
Let us know if you can make it. We will provide a specific address when you need it. We hope to see you there!


Angela Hines said...

Sadly we will not be able to make it. We will be in almost-as-exciting West Virginia that weekend!

kevin said...

I can give you a pretty solid maybe. Money's tight - UDM's not taking off that much. :)

Liz said...

I really wish I could but I can't swing the $300+ to fly over memorial weekend. But I will definitely try to make it out later in the summer.

Angela said...

I will post an evite once the month of May comes around. Thanks for the early notice, though.

The Jobe Family said...

Sounds like fun, wish we could be there!

Anonymous said...

Just a comment from the father of a 20-month-old toddler. Colin was a huge drain on both Shannon's and Adam's energy level his first few months (and still is). Odds are that your son will not be sleeping through nights yet by the time Memorial Day comes around. You might not want to throw such a big party -- you might just want to sleep.

Adam Mackenroth

Angela said...

Adam - A very important point for people who might be interested in staying with us. :) However, I only turn 30 once! This also gives people a chance to meet the hyper little child.