Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Strange things in France - Instructions and Warnings - McFlurry

So for a while in the United States, we had started to notice that the McFlurries at McDonalds didn't seem quite as mixed as they had been in the past.  The strange spoons that were designed to lock into a McFlurry stirring device were still included in the McFlurry, but didn't seem to be actually used to mix the treat.  It took us going to France to finally get an answer: 

Go Flurr It Yourself!

My guess is that it was more cost effective to re-brand the McFlurry as an interactive experience than it was to maintain the McFlurry machines and pay employees to use them.  I'm sure there was a business process study about what item it took employees the longest to prepare and McFlurry came out on top.

An awesome thing about the McFlurries in France right now is that you can not only pick the candy mix that you want in it (peanut M&Ms, Oreos, Daim, Kit Kat ball), but you also get to pick a liquid topping (chocolate, caramel, strawberry).  Plus, this summer, they have expanded the base offering to include not only vanilla ice cream, but also chocolate.  It's quite delicious and calorie filled!

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