Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Denmark - Copenhagen - Part 2

Don't tell the kids there is a 7-11 just past the decorative fountain!

Our second day of Copenhagen was spent doing more kid-unapproved tourist activities.  

Still on Scooters to reduce walking fatigue

We went to Rundetaarn which is a round tower.  It is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe, built in the 17th century.  

Definitely Round and a Tower

The church next to it had a big pipe organ as you can see here.

Large Organs are Everywhere

Rather than care about an organ, the kids were more interested in the spiral walk that led to the top of the tower.

Around and Around we go

As you can tell by observing Will sitting in the window seat, the kids took breaks often as they walked up.  Alex was a little dramatic about it.  
Oh!  The drama!
In the center of the tower is a glass floor about 25 meters above the ground level.  Will pointed toward it.  Alex, being a little more daring, stood on it and looked way down.

Not impressed at the level of danger

After checking out the tower, we figured it was time to balance out the activities with a visit to a cool Copenhagen park.  It also contained the tower, but on a smaller scale.

More Satisfactory Level of Danger

Next to the F√¶lledparken, as the park of towers was called, was a skate park.  Fortunately, the kids had their scooters!  

Helmet for Safety, Shorts for Danger

Helmet for Safety!  What?! I should have worn pants?

Not that lack of scooters stops Alex!

For dinner, we took the boys out for "American" food at Hard Rock Cafe.  They absolutely loved it.  Alex engaged in the dangerous activity of headbanging to the song, "Another one bites the Dust" and knocked his head on the table.

Should have kept the helmet on for dinner

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