Monday, December 24, 2007

Who needs a baby name book?

Once again, Dan and I have put many minutes of thought into the naming of our child. Here is what we have come up with:

The Dan Factor
Daniel Kroboth - Sound familiar? That's right, if the little guy is born on Dan's birthday, he will get to be Daniel Kroboth.
No, we aren't going to call him "Dan." Will would try to "voice dial" him all the time. "VOICE DIAL - DAN - MOBILE"
It would also be confusing when we see my step-sister Michelle and her husband Dan.
No, we can't call him "Daniel." That would confuse him with his Uncle Daniel.
No, he wouldn't be Daniel Kroboth, Jr. That would be confusing since he is not the first born.
So what would we call the new little Daniel Kroboth? I think we will need a good middle name. Perhaps something listed below...

California Meaning
When Will was born, we gave him a middle name to reflect his birth in Japan. Kengo means "wise protector" which is similar to William which means "protector." As the new little guy will be born in California, it seems that we need a good "Californian" middle name, maybe something from the surfer or Hollywood genres.

Surfer Options
  • Barney - Someone who is less than skilled at surfing. - Would also fit with our Hollywood theme by naming him after a character in "How I Met Your Mother."
  • Bennie - A tanless tourist on the beach. - Seems appropriate as the little guy may end up with my skin color.
  • Bro - A buddy or friend...or used as a greeting. - Seems appropriate given that he is Will's bro.
  • Dude - General reference to a male surfer. - Plus, Will can say "Dude."
  • Epic - Beyond the usual or ordinary. Generally used in the positive sense. - Once again displaying our great expectations for our children.
  • Zimzala - Free spirited person who finds peace with the sand between toes. - Wouldn't have trouble at school with too many kids with the same name!
A Hollywood Option
Topher Grace Kroboth - Dan and I find the name "Topher" (short for Christopher) to be amusing. Plus, we like "That 70's Show." I mean, both of us were born in the 70's, right? Plus, "Grace" is a family middle name. Dan's sister's middle name was Grace. Seems fitting, yes?

Science Fiction Option
Worf - Since Will got named after William Riker, William Shatner, or Wil Wheaton, we might as well name number 2 kid after Worf. Well, Worf is kind of big, and we are really aiming for a smaller baby this time. Perhaps a smaller Worf.

Another California Option
As we do live in Los Angeles and occasionally go on the 405 Expressway, Dan thinks that if the baby is born on the 405, we should make his middle name Japanese for 405. That would be something like Yonreigo. I do have an interview down in Irvine on January 8th, perhaps that would be our best opportunity for traveling on the 405, giving birth, and justifying this awesome middle name.

These are my sons, "Protector" and "Protector"
Why mess with a winning name meaning? William means protector, Kengo means wise protector. Here are some more protector names!
  • Alexander - protector of men - One option is Alexander The Great Kroboth.
  • Edward - wealth protector - Edward Longshanks Kroboth (EL was known for just legal reforms) or King Edward VI Kroboth (KEVI became king at age 10, in line with the great accomplishments we have planned for Kroboth II).
  • Raymond - decision protector - "Everybody Loves Raymond" would also fit quite well under our Hollywood options.
So, will it be Daniel Zimzala Kroboth or Worf Yonreigo Kroboth? Take your pick. Although there isn't much time left in Dan's birthday, we may have to forgo Daniel as the new little guy's first name.


watterflower said...

A few options:

Daniel Campbell Kroboth. Get the dad, uncle and grandpa all in one name.

Daniel Gabriel Kroboth. I always liked an arch angel's name

Azim Theodore Kroboth. Protector protector of land

Daniel Robin Kroboth. Oooo, really confusing. And Robin is a good Hollywood name AND mine, of course.

Robin William Kroboth. Also a funny hollywood name and aunt tie in.

Darrien ... glimpsing the Pacific Ocean for the first time "silent, upon a peak in Darien" ...

And here is some stuff on California

Anonymous said...

I am still rooting for "Ahhhhnold"