Saturday, December 15, 2007

All Will wants for Christmas...

As you may know, we don't have as many toys for Will as most people have for their kids. Why? He really doesn't need them. What? You don't believe me? Perhaps you will realize that he can entertain himself with this (warning: long & unending) evidence caught on film back in June...

Who knew that toilet paper could be so interesting?

Now, this is not to say that Will does not have some toys. He is in pretty good shape. If he were to acquire additional toys, here are some ideas:
  • GeoTrax Train - Will loves trains. Any GeoTrax would be great. If you are unsure about whether or not he has them, just send a gift receipt (or a gift card even) and we can return any unneeded duplicates. Or ask and we can tell you that yes, he has a Rainbow Bridge.
  • Drum or other musical instruments - Will loves to say "boom!" He is also fascinated with guitars and whistle/recorder type instruments.
  • Digital Camera - Yes, they actually make digital cameras for kids. As our digital camera is large and bulky with lots of dials and buttons, it would be nice to not let him use it and instead use one that is built to be dropped occasionally.
  • Mega Blocks - Will likes to "dump" these all over the floor. He also will build with them. He especially liked it when Darren built him a tunnel for his train out of the mega blocks. He's not old enough for legos and they would be bad for the new baby anyway, but mega blocks are good. Orlando brought us the first batch for Will's 1st birthday party and they are a hit!
  • Wooden Toys - These were on the list last year. I still really enjoy the look of the wooden toys that Will has. While we never got around to building him a wooden toy box, we did get him some Melissa and Doug wooden tools. Additional wooden toys are welcome. Perhaps a rocking horse.
  • Montessori Equipment - Will has started to enjoy quite play by himself. What more fun way to enjoy playtime than by LEARNING!
  • Tricycle - Will needs wheels. With a concrete backyard, this is a great way to get around. Of course, this brings up the question that was never asked during my youth, "Does he need a helmet or other safety gear too?"
  • Clothes - Will's rate of growth has slowed down a little from last year. However, he is a bit tall for his age. He outgrew his 18-month-old clothes the day he turned 18 months old. He can now wear anything that is 24 months and up. Long pants are good. Footed jammies are good. Not so much with sweaters as it doesn't get too cold here.
  • College Savings - Yes, you can still contribute to Will's future education.
  • Books - Yes, you can still contribute to Will's current education. He's on the verge of learning about colors and numbers.
  • Wishlists/Registries - If you are super un-creative, feel free to check out my Amazon wish list. I updated our delivery address there and added a bunch of stuff that Will would be interested in. Or, you can always go the route of getting something for both the boys, like maybe matching bathrobes or sunglasses. There are some of these things on our baby registries on Babies R Us or One Step Ahead.
Why acquire additional toys if we really don't need them? As Will is soon going to be transitioning from the only child to the one child out of two that doesn't require 24 hour surveillance, he's going to feel a bit put out. We look forward to bribing our child to be happy during this transition.

As for Dan and I, we are in good shape. If you really feel the need to get us something, check our baby registries. Or check our Amazon wishlists. Or you can put $ towards the "we-love-our-roomba-and-now-want-a-scooba" fund. Or, if you want to really make us happy, buy us something that is consumable and won't clutter up our house which seems to be cluttered by mega blocks most of the time. We like Penzey's spices, Leonidas chocolates, Trader Joe's wine (or other wine), and Starbucks.


watterflower said...

The real question is "why did you tape that for so long?" and "how much more tape do you have of Will were nothing happens?"

Anonymous said...
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mr. Brook said...

hey there... i really liked watch that tape.. i laugh a lot..sorry!

warm regards to Will!

happy christmas!