Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Great Moving Adventure Continues...

All will be well after our move. Not the next one which is from San Diego to Redondo Beach temporary housing, but the one after that from temporary housing to our new place that still needs to be purchased. Then Dan will have happy HD TiVo reception and display.

It turns out HD TVs are way cheap when you compare them to, say, a house in Redondo Beach. Of course, once we buy a place, we will have 3 initial pieces of furniture.
1) We have to buy a couch. Otherwise, we will get sore necks from watching the TV while sitting on the floor.
2) Will's high chair. We already bought this. It is a cool looking wooden high chair that eventually converts to a toddler chair, then ultimately to a teenager chair.
3) A bed. While we enjoyed sleeping on the floor at the midwife clinic in Japan, floor beds just aren't the Japanese thing we want to adopt for our new house. Heated toilet seat with badet? Yes. Sleeping on Floor? No.

So, if you want to come over and hang out at our new place (that doesn't quite exist yet), you can come and enjoy our spacious, furniture-free location.

The movers came to our San Diego apartment yesterday to pack up most of our stuff and take it to storage. Will is a little confused because he only has a remnant of toys left. He continues to enjoy boxes, especially his Padres lunch box which acts both as a container for other toys and a drum. Give him a plastic spoon and he's got a loud, metallic drum. Great fun.

Even though the movers have come and gone, we are still crazy busy the next few days. Today is Dan's going away lunch for work. Tomorrow is a trip to see the Miramar air show, including the Blue Angels. Saturday we pack the car, then attend our going away BBQ that Ralphine set up. Sunday we head out in the morning and look at the house we think we want to buy at about noon. If it checks out (we have only seen outside, not inside yet), we could be in a house by the end of the year.

2006 has been a busy year. Perhaps all will be calm and quiet in 2007. (Yeah, right!)


watterflower said...

I have nothing to add regarding moving. I have commented to your post so you know that I have read this.

Also, I am bored.

Anonymous said...

Send us a link to pictures of the house!