Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Festival

On Wednesday, Will got to participate in his pre-pre school's Fall Festival. The kids all wore festive seasonal attire and had a little parade outside. Of course, like most activities involving kids who are too young to realize the significance of a parade, it was mostly for the parents' benefit. One little guy had fallen completely asleep and was sitting slumped over in his chair as he was rolled around. Will was slightly awake, but didn't quite enjoy the parade.

Oh, and like most group celebration activities these days, it had to be sanitized as not to offend anyone. Hence, the title, "Fall Festival" and the request for the children to don "Seasonal Attire." While Will is still waiting for his tiny ninja Halloween costume, he did have an appropriate outfit for this event. He dressed up in his kimono. Why was the kimono appropriate for this fall event? The particular kimono we selected for him has kanji on it for the various seasons. Here is Will, slightly more lively after the parade:

Also in the afternoon, there were games and prizes and pumpkins. Here is Will, posing by some pumpkins with his tasty blue koosh prize (seems to be a choking hazard prize to me):

We took the koosh prize out of his mouth. This led to him eating the hay instead:

Sitting among the pumpkins was not the only pumpkin related activity Will participated in. I'm sure his Aunt Robin will be excited to see Will's first artwork.

To me, it looks like a rorschach ink blot of a Chinese lion. Dan says that it appears a bit more deliberate than the rest of the pumpkins from his class (Will's is bottom left).

While Will seems to have enjoyed his fall festival and exciting seasonal attire, he is already practicing his Kabuki poses for next year.


watterflower said...

Yay, Art!

BTW, will send you the tracking number for lil' ninja shortly...

Anonymous said...

Sooo, say we wanted to take a baby to Japan in June... how long would it take us to get a passport for it here?

Angela said...

The quickest you can get a passport is 2 weeks. Typically it takes 6 weeks, but in our great country, you can pay extra to get it faster.

Cathy - send us email from your correct email address so that we can further discuss your hypothetical situation