Monday, September 04, 2006

Technology Overload

Poor Baby - What have your parents done now?

As many of you know, Dan and I have the tendency to over-use technology in our lives. When we get into something, we go kind of crazy.

Take TiVo, for example. Sure, TiVo is great. (For people unfamiliar with TiVo, it is like a VCR, but with a harddrive, and far superior recording options.) Dan got his first TiVo before we were married. It is very useful for watching a 30 minute show in 20 minutes. You can use the 30 second skip during football games to advance from the end of one play to the start of another (football contains all kinds of useless deadtime). Our first TiVo is aptly named, "TiVo."

But, wait, what if you want to record more than one show at once? Perhaps your two favorite shows come on at 8pm on Thursday night. Oh no! Well, you could get another TiVo. Our second TiVo is Italian. His name is "ViTo."

Then what if you are so excited about TiVo, you are offered a super great deal on another TiVo? Well, you have to get that one. Our third TiVo is named "ThreeVo."

Then, if you get a TiVo credit card and earn enough "points" to get a free TiVo? Well then, who can refuse that? Our fourth TiVo is named "FreeVo."

How could you possibly end up with more than four TiVos? I sometimes wonder the same thing. We ended up acquiring our fifth TiVo, yes, fifth, because it can record shows to DVD, a feature not present on any of the prior 4 TiVos. Our fifth TiVo is named, "SteVo."

Coming this fall... Our sixth TiVo will be named, "LasTiVo."

In any case, sometimes we go overboard with the technology. In our current case, it is with pictures. We have taken many, many, pictures of Will since he was born. Digital cameras are great. We have also taken some video of Will. What comes next? That's right, streaming internet video!

Will has his own web cam!

What craziness. You too can witness Will's life. You can watch him in many activities.



Playing with Dad

Eating Food

Sucking banana out of Mesh Bag

Of course, this is not a 24 hour monitoring system of Will. Sometimes he sleeps. Sometimes he helps with the laundry. Sometimes he watches TV. Sometimes he has diaper changes (no one wants to see that). Sometimes I just don't put him in front of the camera. When can you see him doing stuff? Typically at 9am Pacific time. We give him food around 10am Pacific time and 6pm Pacific time. You may also see him playing after his nap, perhaps around 1pm Pacific time.

And, while the blog is public, the web cam is not. You need a user id and password. Drop us an email if you would like to check out the WillCam.

Embrace the Technology!


Dan said...

Okay, I explained the TiVo acquisition syndrome and sequence to Angela around 20 times, she still didn't get it right. The first three she is correct about but it gets a little shaking on numbers 4 and 5. Number 4, FreeVo, we acquired for free with TiVo Reward Points. It plays and records DVDs. It replaced a TiVo known as DiVo, for DVD Playing TiVo, which Angela still believed we have. We do not. It went home a long time ago. Anyhow, the five TiVo, SteVo, appeared on our doorstep one day and was also free.

MegaZone said...

Next is a Hi-Def Series3? ;-)

Dan said...

Naturally. Of course, we need to buy an HDTV to go along with it. I don't think we will buy more than one of those anytime soon.