Wednesday, September 27, 2006

LasTiVo has arrived!!!!!!!!

Pictures of the box to come.

I have finally early adopted something. Yea! Now to begin my HDTV search. Of course, we have to buy our house in LA first so we can fit the TV around the house. In the mean time, we will be watching glorious high defination television on a 4:3 480i TV set.

Yes, you read that correctly. I accepted a job in Los Angeles and will be working for the group I did my first SEA rotation with. We will move to LA on October 15th or so.


Angela said...

It seems that no one has anything to comment about our move to LA.

Dan said...

Perhaps it was too sneaky.

Shawnee K said...

Wow! LA! What a great adventure for you two! I love LA... so much to do and see... Congrats on the new job! Best of Luck!

Anonymous said...

I for one am BUMMED!