Monday, June 26, 2006

Will's First Business Trip

As you know, Will is a first-class world traveler. The kid had a passport and frequent flyer number before he got his health insurance card. After traveling for moving purposes and leisure purposes, he has now traveled for business purposes. That's right, Will accompanied me on a business trip to Syracuse, NY. Here he is, looking very serious and business-like, ready to make a deal.

As you can tell, it is fairly bright in Syracuse during the summer months. Fortunately we were able to pick up these nifty sunglasses in the middle of upstate NY, half way between Syracuse and Rochester where we had dinner with Jen, Scott, and Calla (who is a week younger than Will). It was awesome... in my current southern California lifestyle, I had forgotten how "authentic" it could be to eat at a Truck Stop. I guess there are Truck Stops here in California, but I have not run into one in my suburban paradise. The restaurant in the Truck Stop was called the Iron Skillet. This is because everything was served in... you guessed it... Iron Skillets.

With this trip, Will has now taken 8 airplane flights. They have taken him to 2 countries and 5 different states. The list currently stands at:

  • Japan
  • United States
  • Virginia
  • California
  • Illinois (but only at O'Hare Airport, 2 times)
  • North Carolina
  • New York
Where to next? By the time he turns 3 months old, Will's state count will be up to 6 (Michigan trip over the 4th of July including another stop at O'Hare). By the time he is 6 months old, his state count will be up to 8 or 9. While this doesn't compete with the amount of travel he did before he was born (6 countries, 14 states), he's quite the little traveler.

Oh yeah, if anyone knows of a place that sells tiny little neckties, let me know. I'm sure Will and I will take another business trip soon.


watterflower said...

Will should travel to the great north. Minnesota! Yes! Where the Hockey is great and the Lakes abound! Ah, Minnesota....

Angela said...

We shall travel to the great north. Michigan! Yes! Where the Hockey abounds and the Lakes are GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Philip here...I like the picture of Will...very business like. I am sure that he was a great asset to whatever business deals you had. :)