Thursday, June 08, 2006

Secretly A Red-Head

That's right, my hair is now red, burning bright for all the world to see. How did this happen? Well, it is related to my 30th birthday activities. On my birthday, Wednesday, May 31st, I enjoyed many activities. First, I went to the hair salon. I needed a hair cut anyway. While I was there, I told my stylist, Bruce, that I wanted my hair lighter. We decided to go with 2 shades lighter. You would think that 2 shades lighter than dark brown is light brown, right? Oddly, no, it is red.

Dan Petting Will's Head
Angela With Red Hair

After the whole turning my hair red incident, Will and I wandered around and we bought some stuff like tennis shoes and a couple of summer shirts that actually fit me. Will doesn't really make that great of a shopping companion, he gets hungry at random times, but as we just moved to the area, he will have to do. Later on my birthday, I got a chance to start up exercise again when I re-joined Curves (no Curves in Japan, I had to quit for a little while). After exercising, I re-consumed the calories that I burned by going out to dinner with Dan. I had cheese fries and "The Chocolate Thunder from Down Under." It was awesome. Not fancy, but it included two of my favorite foods: cheese fries and chocolate (served separately, of course).

How else did we celebrate my birthday? Yes, we had the birthday grilling extravaganza on Sunday, May 28th. Well, sort of an extravaganza. Kind of a small extravaganza. We had 4 people join us for the birthday stuff. Scot & Tammy and Neal & Kailey. We even had a small grill and a small cake for the event. Dan grilled the food on the balcony while we hung out in the comfortable air conditioning. The only thing we didn't go small on was the ice cream toppings. We had 7 different toppings. Mmmmmm...

What kind of gifts did I get for my birthday? There were 2 categories: tasty things and techie things. In fact, right now I am drinking the tasty wine that Neal and Kailey brought while eating the Godiva truffles that Robin sent me. Mmmmm... Plus, the neat thing about the tasty things is that they are consumable and help us in our effort to reduce the amount of stuff in our lives. I did receive one specific gift that will be with us for a while. I love board games. Especially crushing my opponents while playing them. Liz got me a laser board game! How awesome is that! Ok, not quite as awesome as sharks with lasers on their heads, but still awesome.

After the Birthday was Over
You might notice in the picture above we are out and about, somewhere near a stone wall, with Will hanging out, munching on his Baby Bjorn carrier. Are we touring a stone wall in San Diego? Um, no. While we actually live near San Diego, we seem to be spending more time in the Los Angeles area hanging out with our friends who we met over the winter of 2004/2005. This past weekend we went to the Getty Museum.

Will enjoys his Baby Bjorn carrier. He can either face towards the person carrying it and go to sleep, or he can face outwards and see all of the art. Don't worry, we filmed a video of Will contemplating art. Feel free to stop by and watch it. Perhaps we will eventually upload the videos to our ftp server.

Will Facing Towards Dan

Will Facing Outwards

Documenting Will Contemplating Art

Because part of the Getty involves the outdoor gardens, Will finally got a chance to wear his sun hat...
Will Protected from Sun

Baby Birthday
Besides myself, Will also "celebrated a birthday." He turned 2 months old on June 6, 2006. As an update, he is now larger as shown by this bouncy chair measurement.

And look! He smiles now. He has been smiling for a little while, but whenever we would take the camera out to capture the smile, he would look very intently at the camera. We have only recently captured a few smiles.

As for the statistics, on Tuesday, June 6th, Will weighed 14 lbs 7 oz and is 24 1/4 inches long. That puts our giant baby in the 97th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for length. So, yes, he is still huge.

Back to Birthday Stuff

I did enjoy my 30th birthday. If you weren't able to make it, perhaps we will see you next year when I celebrate my golden birthday. That's when I turn 31 on the 31st of the month. Where will it be? As you know, we are unsure where our adventures will take us. We will let you know.


Angela Hines said...

yeay for a fun birthday! thanks for the updates too. we'll work on getting your gift to you...sometimes we're a little slow in that department. just thankful I got the card mailed! :) Will looks so your red hair!

watterflower said...

See? SEE? we are all secretly red. Well, I am not so secretly a red head because I have dyed my hair that color many times. Currently, my hair is red. You look good with red.