Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lyon for a Day - Secret Passages and Grumpy Alex

The holiday weekend arrived!  However, instead of celebrating a long weekend for Memorial Day with Monday off, we get to celebrate Ascension on Thursday with a "Bridge Day" holiday to bridge the gap between Ascension and the weekend.

Kroboth Car Trip!

Rather than fight traffic on Wednesday evening, we opted to leave at 6:30am on Thursday morning.  We were off to Lyon!  Traffic was not a problem and we enjoyed the lovely scenery of the French countryside.

Upon arrival in Lyon, we found a parking place near our Air BnB, then, since we were a bit early for check-in, looked for lunch.  Dan had found a place that we were headed towards, but as we looked across the street, we saw a page from our French Text book from our course that Dan and I took together.

It was a building that had been an old train station and was converted into a place with restaurants.  This is clearly the east side of the building.  For class, we had to talk about the different characteristics of the restaurant and the types of food offered.  We ended up getting delicious chicken, shrimp, pasta.  Inside the restaurant was a small train that traveled around a track above.  Much like the French lesson had described, it was good, but pricey.

Next, we headed toward the Rosa Mir Garden.  We took a bus, the metro, and we walked.  However, we had failed to check the opening hours on the garden.  It's only open one day a week.  And it was not Thursday.  So, we stopped by a tiny park and let the kids play for a short time.

Unfortunately, park playtime combined with the heat of the day did nothing to help their mood.  Alex spent the next few hours being super grumpy.

No Pictures Allowed!

Will was fine, he decided it would be interesting to take some pictures of strange graffiti he found throughout Lyon.  At least, when Alex wasn't actively trying to block him.

Lyon has a fascinating feature.  It seems that during the silk trade, merchants wanted to keep their fragile merchandise safe and developed a series of passages throughout the city.  We explored a couple of them.  One was marked by a blue lion and had some giant stairs built into the wall.  Many of them go through to people's houses, so Alex had to stop complaining for a little bit (yea).  They were really neat and I wish we could have explored more.

Next, we went to the basilica.  To get up the hill to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvi√®re, we took the funicular, which was much better than walking up.  

Nearby, not too far from the basilica, were some amazing Roman ruins.  Because Rome was huge and reached into France.

Still used today for concerts and shows

Alex with a slightly improved mood, Will feeling silly

Don't worry, he didn't get hurt while climbing around the ruins

For dinner, we took the kids to Hard Rock Cafe Lyon.  Ever since we introduced them to Hard Rock in Copenhagen, they have been super excited every time we have found one.  They have even asked if Hard Rock Cafes exist in the US and were surprised that we had never taken them to the closest one to our house, Hard Rock Hollywood.  :)

Dan and I had delicious French food at a different restaurant.  Because Lyon is known for its food and we just couldn't eat American food at Hard Rock.

Duck with carrots and potatoes

Dan eating duck with carrots and potatoes

Ice Cream, caramel, apple dessert

Completion to Lyon Visit

We spent the night in Lyon and left the next morning after eating some pain au chocolat pastries in the park.  The park was huge and we didn't get to explore it all, but we found some deer and emus.

Pic with deer 

The emu actually was quite far away, but then he heard Alex whistling and decided that was his cue to fun across the field and check out the child in orange.

Emu and Deer

After a peaceful park visit, we said good bye to Lyon and continued on our holiday weekend adventure.

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