Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Birthday, Leila!

We have met many amazing people in Toulouse, but none more amazing than my friend Leila.  She and her husband used to live in California near San Diego.  In fact, Dan and her husband both worked at the same project near San Diego, but during different times.  Now the guys are both working at the same work campus in Toulouse, but on different programs.  I met Leila at school, her young daughter was in a different class than my boys, but Leila noticed me speaking American with the administrators during after school pickup.  She invited me to hang out.  She has showed me many things about Toulouse and we have wandered, metro-ed, and biked all around the city.  She is very smart and caring and is not only a good mom to her daughter, but also shows care and concern about my boys.  

Yesterday was her birthday!  We attended at a French restaurant that wasn't far from our apartment.  Fortunately, Leila lives with walking distance of us, so it was also close to her place.  They seem to specialize in hearty, delicious French food.  It's called "Le Point D'Ogre."  I can only assume this means the place where the ogre hangs out.  Perhaps the vegetables are taken from the ogre's garden.  Fortunately someone was able to acquire the vegetables without being eaten by the ogre themselves.  

As we arrived at the restaurant, we managed to explain in French which reservation we were a part of.  We were led to the basement which was shaped like half of a brick cylinder.  There were already six guests there, so we awkwardly made small talk in French while waiting for the guest of honor to arrive. After Leila arrived, everyone revealed that they spoke English, and the rest of the dinner was a mix of English and French.  

The food was fabulous.  The entree was a basket of vegetables and sausages accompanied by a vegetable soup.  

Basket of Ogre Food

For the principle plat, I had the duck breast with delicious mashed potatoes and Dan had a gateau de canard.  It was duck with potatoes on top.  

As is the tradition, the reservation was at 8pm.  We might have started eating around 9pm.  We got to talk to people, eat lovely food, then have birthday cake.  Dan and I were the rude Americans at the end and instead of staying after and talking some more, departed shortly before midnight.  

Happy Birthday, Leila!  I look forward to celebrating next year too!

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