Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Infinity Birthday!

Today will henceforth be known as my infinity birthday.

This isn't the top of the hill. I haven't peaked.  It's not just downhill from here.  To infinity and beyond!

Last year I quit my job and went with Dan to live in France for a few years.  We are organized, the kids are settled, and I'm in French classes.  I am at another point where I can make some decisions and do some awesome stuff.  But I need your help in putting together my infinity list!

So what should it be?  Should I travel?  Should I pursue more education?  Should I work?  Should I volunteer?  Should I visit cafes to drink coffee and wine?  Should I exercise?  Should I take more selfies?  Should I found a book club?

It would help if you also told me why you recommended the course of action you are suggesting.  Is it because you enjoy it?  Did it change your life?  Do you see it as something that I would pursue because of what you already know about my personality, interests, and motivation?

You may provide comments here or on Facebook.  But whatever you do, don't be prompted by Facebook to only post the text, "Happy Birthday!" because the computers told you to wish me a happy birthday.  Be interesting if you must post a birthday message and provide infinite advice.


Beth Svetlev said...

Eat lots of chocolate treats from everywhere you travel! :-) Have a great Infinite Birthday!

Amirtha rao said...

Belated happy birthday wishes :)
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