Sunday, January 24, 2016

Alex's Transformation - California Boy to French Garcon

Alex has always been particular about his clothing.  In California, he only wore shorts and t-shirts.  Even when he was at school, he took advantage of the allowance for navy or tan colored shorts as an acceptable uniform.

We now reside in a land of weather.  Every day, the kids talk about the existence of variations in temperature and precipitation.  I try to explain that they lived in the magical land of Southern California where the weather is always nice.  It was a unique situation.  They just don't understand. In a few months, they will finally be able to experience the joy that is the first day of spring where you can exit your front door without a coat on.  New experiences! Broadening horizons!  Appreciating things you used to take for granted!

The kids' new school does not require uniforms.  This means that the kids have to own actual outfits that they can wear.  I don't get to be lazy and order from a set menu of items.  When we arrived, we started out with a small selection of polo shirts.  We made the boys wear polos and fleeces to the first day of school on January 4th.

Too much pressure to take an actual first day of school photo, this one has to do.

Also in our clothing collection are a ton of t-shirts.  Now that they have settled in, that's basically what they wear.  Occasionally we have them switch back to the polo shirts for church.  I have also expanded their wardrobe to include some long-sleeved turtleneck shirts, but they are not fans... yet.  I'm trying to convince them that if it is nice out, they don't have to wear a coat if they wear a long-sleeved shirt.

Back to Alex.  Typically you might see him in this type of outfit in Southern California.  Well, without the coat.

Bright Orange Shorts

And now?  Now he has bright orange, fitted French pants.  Oh yeah!

LA t-shirt... transformation still occurring

So where did all of the shorts go?  Well, now that we have seasons, we also have storage of summer clothes.  

Shorts are hidden in here


Jane said...

So much to see and learn..a new country...even a different continent!

Kathryn Kroboth said...

Very amusing. Yes,indeed,changes are best in small steps. I'm looking forward to the next blog. KKrobot! aka Grandma K.