Monday, June 17, 2013

The Tri-Cation

The summer begins with... The Tri-Cation!

It's like a vacation, but with more exercising.  Bike!  Run! Kayak!
The kayaking occurred because it was too cold to swim.  The Lake Michigan water was about 50F. 

Bike on Mackinac Island

Running by the Sault St. Marie Locks

Kayak in Lake Charlevoix

Dan and I left the kids with Grandpa and Grandma to go camping.  They did their own version of the tri-cation which was:

Eat Ice Cream!  Fish!  Glowy Bracelets!
Ok, maybe not.  But they took some cute pictures.

The Meaning of Summer - Ice Cream

Watch Out!

Fishing Alex

What???  I was not expecting that.

Caught the Biggest Fish

Will not get lost in the dark woods

It wasn't all exercise.  We ate a lot of food (most calories consumed were Mackinac Island Fudge) and saw some cool scenery.

Sunset in Petoskey

Mackinaw Bridge

Arch Rock

Yes Michigan!  The Feeling Forever.
Great Lakes - Unsalted and Shark Free!

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