Friday, July 20, 2012

The Chameleon Shirt - Too Much online Shopping!

This morning Will needed a green shirt to wear to science camp.  He and Alex are in the green group this week and Friday was wear your group color day.  Wearing green was not an issue for Alex as he has actually selected a favorite color and it is green.  He wore a cute green shirt with a bunny stealing a carrot.  Shown here earlier in Science Camp week as he plays with his Levitation Wand.

Not quite doing it correctly

Will, however, wears school uniforms during the school year and hasn't really expanded his selection of normal T-Shirts to include green yet.  I suggested that he wear Alex's chameleon T-Shirt since it is size 5/6 and should fit him pretty well despite his excessive height.  He then expressed the desire to possibly have his own chameleon T-Shirt in his own size. 

My thought:  "I can totally accomplish this!"  You see, Dan has been out of town for a while, so when a task comes up that I can accomplish without interruption, yelling, injury, tears, or all of the above, I am excited.  Normally these tasks are limited to quickly doing a load of laundry, getting the mail, or picking up some legos before I step on them with my bare feet. 

I quickly explained to Will, that yes, we can run over to Kohl's (less than a mile away from our house) and pick up a size 7/8 chameleon T-Shirt.  To which he replied, "Can't we just order one on-line?"

This led me to need to further explain that if we ordered it on-line, we would have to pay for them to mail it to us and it would be more expensive.  I told him that Kohl's was so close that we could walk over there, buy the shirt, then walk back before it would even get shipped to us. 

Yes, the boys are fully invested in the on-line shopping experience.  It's just so much easier to shop on-line.  You cuddle up on the couch with the laptop (since it is difficult for all three of us to look at the iPhone at the same time), browse items, select them, then the arrive in the very exciting packaging:  A BOX!

I tried shopping in an actual store for the boys.  I really tried.  I went to Kids' Gap.  I bought a cool shark shirt and some shorts for Alex.  I brought them home.  I showed them to him.  He rejected them with, "I already have a shark shirt."  So, I returned them, went to Kohl's.  Bought the chameleon shirt.  Then, I didn't make the same mistake twice... 

Instead of presenting Alex with a shirt, I took the above picture of the chameleon shirt, showed it to him on my phone, and said, "Look at this cool shirt I found."  He immediately replied, said, "I want that shirt!"  I told him, "Great, it's over in that bag by the door."  He looked at me suspiciously, but accepted the shirt even though it came in a bag and not in a BOX.

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