Thursday, March 05, 2009

The "Say Crazy Things" Age

Yup, Will is at that age.  The "Say Crazy Things" age.  This is documented in the raising your child books, right?  Oh wait, I gave up reading back when I gave up eating meals because two kids suck away all of your time.

Will's crazy things range from embarrassing to insightful.  On the somewhat embarrassing side... we were at a restaurant eating and the hostess was seating an overweight woman nearby.  Will tried to explain that "that mommy has a baby in her tummy."  I tried to distract him from this statement.  the woman ended up requesting a different table.  

On the more insightful side... Will was in the office at my desk yesterday since they didn't let us drop him off at school because of pink eye suspicion.  He watched my computer boot and commented on the flags.  
Me: "Yes, Will, the flags are the symbol for Microsoft."
Will (pointing to coffee cup):  "What does this say?"
Me:  "That says, McCafe.  And look, under it is the symbol for McDonalds.  Do you want to learn about corporate logos today?  Look, here is the Dell symbol on my monitors."
Will (trying to say McCafe and failing):  "What does caffeine mean?   
Me (laughing, figuring he is close enough):  "Yes, Will, that says caffeine."
Will:  Does caffeine help you when you are tired?
Me:  Yes.  That's exactly what it means.

I see this conversation as lending creedance my claim about the statement Will made when I was contemplating Alex's upcoming birthday cake back in December.  You see, I was trying to figure out how to make a dinosaur cake.  I figured I could make a cake in the Pampered Chef batter bowl and maybe stick a dinosaur into it or something.  But, I swear, Will said, "We can make a volcano cake for Alex's dinosaur birthday party."  And yes, that's what we did.  

Forget smarter than a 5th grader.  Are you smarter than my almost 3 year old?  I'm sure I could keep up if I got more sleep.  But you see, I am in a Catch-22 there.  If I got more sleep, maybe I could convince Will to sleep more, but I don't get enough sleep because Will doesn't sleep enough. Zzzzz....

Got to go, need to consult Will about how to pull off his 3rd birthday party next month.  It's April 5th.  I'll send out the evite soon.  If you don't get it, drop me a line, I was too tired to remember to send it to you.  :)

Update:  I almost forgot to mention another outlet for Will's saying of crazy things.  You Tube.  You see, we can play you tube on our TV.  I almost have Will trained on the use of the remote.  Until then, I get to be the one to do the searches for Will's whims.  It turns out that not everything is on You Tube.  For example, "I want to see koala bears in the ocean"  didn't quite work out.


Wanda said...

Boo! Coffee from McDonalds! Booo!

watterflower said...

huh. Well, I guess you now know that I have a second email address. mmm.


Angela said...

Yes, it was pretty bad coffee. But it did help with the being tired. And it came with "food", not a 400 calorie muffin.