Friday, March 21, 2008

Take our Stuff

We are "unfurnishing" our condo in Virginia. If you want any of the stuff, this weekend is your chance to pick it up. Here is the list and pictures.

Tea kettle
4 torch-style lamps

Very stylish tv stand
Not terribly stylish tv and vcr (yes, a vcr)
Small couch
Coffee table & 2 end tables
Area rug
Dining room table & chairs
Giant Aloe plant
Large sleeper couch, chair, ottomans – These are from Dan's parents and are worn out. They have slipcovers, but we thought that their lifespan may have now come to an end.

Small bookshelf (in den)
Large bookshelf (can probably leave it, it matches the bedroom, was at the condo when we bought it)
Microwave stand that is currently in entry way
Computer monitor

Queen sized bed frame
Full sized mattress
Small table in bedroom
Plastic Laundry basket, hamper and lots of plastic hangers
Large mirror on bedroom wall
ironing board that goes over door
super small vacuum

Linens (towels, sheets, comforter)
Plates, silverware, kitchen supplies
Knife block

Living/Dining Room




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