Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love Drive-Thru Starbucks!

I used to stop at Starbucks back when Will was a tiny baby. It was easier then. I remember one time when I was on my way to meet Beth for shopping near San Diego. All I had to do was park, pop the car seat out of the base, then carry the sleeping baby into the Starbucks.

One of Will's First 100 visits to Starbucks

I'm sure that every parent of multiple children appreciate the drive-in. I find myself only going to places that either have drive-ins or convenient shopping carts available in which to trap the children. Of course, drive-ins are better because you can actually purchase something and they give it to you at the window. If you go to a place that has normal-sized carts, put the toddler in the seat and the baby car seat in the basket, there really isn't space for stuff like groceries. That's why we can only buy things that are available at Costco. Their carts are big enough for 2 kids and 10 pounds of some sort of food. The trick is to pick a food that you want to eat every day for that week.

In any case, it is probably my new found appreciation of drive-ins that has helped us achieve our most recent vehicle milestone: 200,000 miles! That's right, our little Honda Accord finally surpassed 200K.

I especially appreciated the drive-thru Starbucks the other day when I managed to create the most un-caffeinated coffee ever. After being careful to grind the coffee beans only when both kids were awake, I started the coffee maker, told Dan that he could have some coffee when it was done, then left to do other important morning things like showering and finding clothes that actually fit. (While I have lost 30 lbs since being pregnant, I have only recently transitioned from wearing maternity clothes to wearing normal clothes that are too tight.) Unfortunately, when I returned to pour some coffee, out came clear coffee. Ok, I guess it wasn't coffee at all. The ground beans were safely stored away in the cupboard, still inside the coffee grinder.

To the drive-thru Starbucks!

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! A week or so ago I made myself a cup of chai for my commute to work after a long night with Natalie, only to discover in the car that my drink was lacking the tea. Warm skim milk isn't good when you are expecting a lovely sip of happy caffeine! Oh well, they are only young once, right? And, yes, I did swing through the drive thru to remedy my mistake. :-)