Friday, December 22, 2006

Celebrate 28 years on December 28th!

Dan is in the process of slogging through his late 20's. On Sunday, December 24th, he will turn 28 years old.

You may wonder why we are not celebrating his birthday on the 24th. This is because we will have people visiting for the holidays. However, said people are arriving in the evening of the 24th (Dad), the morning of the 26th (Robin), and some other time on the 26th (Lee). Don't worry, we will figure out when to pick up Lee at some point before she arrives. We will not leave her at the airport during this crazy holiday travel time, at least, not for very long. In any case, people will be here basically after Dan's birthday, so we selected the 28th as the day to celebrate.

What can you expect at this exciting birthday event? I can promise cake. mmmmmmm... And, unlike my birthday where we mistakenly bought a cake that had icky frosting, Dan's cake will be superior. What does this mean for you? You should join us for the cake eating event.

When: December 28th at 6pm
Where: Our New House in California
RSVP: Please tell us that you are coming, we will give you our address
Other Food: Yes, we will have some sort of dinner food for people who arrive on time
Will: Yes, Will will be there. He will go to bed at about 8pm. We will let you stay past that time, but if you want to play with Will, you will have to come on-time.
What to Bring: Bring Dan a cool Birthday Card. There may be a prize for the geekiest card.

Furniture Disclaimer: We have actually purchased furniture. We selected a very nice green couch with soft, down-filled cushions. We bought some nifty chairs too. They will be delivered in January.

Box Disclaimer: We still have at least 75 boxes of stuff that has not been unpacked. We may not be able to locate important party accessories. So when you see me trying to light candles with our long BBQ matches and serve cake by balancing the pieces on two forks, it is because we haven't located key things among our stuff.

Christmas Tree Disclaimer: We bought a Christmas tree on Sunday. Yup, that's the extent of it. Oh wait, no, we also brought it inside our house on Wednesday. So now it is in our living room. Oh wait, there's more... we also put a tree skirt and presents under it. So, yes, our tree looks like this right now...

While we hope to decorate it, if we don't by Dan's birthday party, perhaps we will involve our guests in this effort.

The Dan of Birthdays Past
What blog post would be complete without reminiscing about similar events of the past?

27 year-old Birthday Dan in Japan - Also celebrating Kay's birthday (2005)

26 year-old Georgia Tech Birthday Dan with Dad and Tim (2004)

24 year-old Birthday Dan (2002)

2 year-old Birthday Dan (1980)

1 year-old Birthday Dan (1979)
-almost as tall as the candle-

0 year-old Birthday Dan (1978)

Unfortunately the picture of Dan and Kevin in the sombreros for Dan's 21st birthday is in one of the 75 remaining boxes in the garage. But at least we have some cute baby birthday pictures.

Come, be a part of the Dan 28 year-old Birthday Dan picture!

Happy Late Birthday Kay!

Happy Late Birthday Kevin!

(Note above Christmas Tree picture for proof that we are running a bit late on many things this year, inc luding birthday wishes.)


Robin said...

I will eat cake! yay me!

Angela Hines said...

In keeping with your "late" theme, our card will be late. But hey...Christmas gifts should have arrived on time! :)

Angela said...

Any RSVPs besides Robin? So far we have 8 people coming that we know of.