Sunday, May 14, 2006

My First Mother's Day

As a new mother, I got to experience the Postal Service phenomenon of receiving Mother's Day cards. Funny, you might say, Will isn't old enough to use the Postal Service. And really, how would he buy the card since he can't see over the Hallmark Store counter?

Well, I did get a card from Dan and Will, but it was hand delivered. Who then mailed me cards? It was really cool, other mothers in my life sent me cards. I got one from Lee explaining things that mothers want (example: Dinner out...) and what mothers get (Dinner out of a box...). I got one from Grandma Kroboth wishing me a Happy First Mother's Day. I got one from Dan's mom that included a proverb, Proverbs 31:28. And I even got one from my Dad!

The other neat thing about Mother's Day is that there are presents. It seems that if you are able to take care of a baby for 6 weeks, you can be trusted with the care and feeding of plants. Lee sent me a Forget-Me-Not kit and Dan sent me an Azalea Bonsai.

Ever since my mom died when I was 18, I have basically avoided Mother's Day. However, I am now seeing it as a time to be glad. Glad that my mom had a positive impact on my life. Glad that there are other mothers in my life now. Glad that I get to be a mom too.

I'll keep you apprised about the growing and thriving of my plants. And Will too!


Angela Hines said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day! You got more cards than I did! I only got cards from Philip and the boys, but I got a gift year this for the first time, so it's ok! GREAT picture of Will...that's hilarious! :) Maybe he'll be able to see over the counter by his first birthday at the rate he's going. :)

watterflower said...

Some Mother's day, you will have to join me for the Race.